By Rapallini

SO FAR, so symbolic, but in the near future the row at Westminster over so-called English votes for English laws will become much more tangible, with the SNP looking to pick its moment to launch procedural guerrilla warfare in the House.
The Speaker is an all-powerful convener of the House of Commons, his rulings subject to no procedural challenge, nor even the requirement for explanation.
This means that the first time John Bercow designates a Bill under the EVEL procedure which Scottish MPs believe does have implications for potential impact North of the Border there is going to be a constitutional collision.
The SNP’s Shadow Leader of the House, Pete Wishart, is not giving away any details of the kind of disruptive tactics being considered, but speaking to iScot he gave warning: “We will have to look at what kinds of action are available to us to allow us to represent the interests of our constituents.”

Article by by Robbie Dinwoodie, Political Editor – iScot February edition

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