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We’ve just launched our 116 page March issue (iScot  #39) with the beautiful Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh front cover of  “The heart of the Rose”.  It’s an ongoing challenge to maintain such high production and content values each month and this has only been made possible by your ongoing support through subscriptions and donations enabling us to grow in print and on-line.

iScot is a genuine grassroots initiative born out of #indyref2014.

Our intention was to create an independent high-quality, pro-Scot publication that celebrated innovation, successes and achievement of Scots while promoting the nation’s interests, culture and influence to a worldwide audience.  And from regular customer feedback, we’re doing a mighty fine job of doing just that – but we want to do so much more.

Our strap line is “for those o independent mind” and for good reason.  We passionately believe that Scotland and its citizens are more than capable of achieving anything that they set their minds to – that’s why it’s important that against an almost relentless MSM narrative of TWTPTS we continue to offer a positive message that readers can compare and contrast.  Readers are intelligent enough to make up their own minds to notice the difference between actual news and spin.

It’s a fact that not every Scot accesses their news online, nor do they have a burning desire to either engage in or consume politics 24/7 – but they do possess a vote – and we believe iScot is an appropriate vehicle to offer a soft introduction and alternative political viewpoint as to what’s really going on in Scotland.

We are a truly lean operation.  Our management team are unpaid volunteers and have no swanky city centre premises to fund. All your hard earned donations to iScot are dedicated to paying for the production, shipping and promotion of the high-quality magazine you see today.

We are respectfully asking you yet again to help us keep going in 2018 by giving iScot your financial support.  We still need to find the resource to pay a full-time member of staff to continue to drive the magazine forward. We are aware that there are many worthy causes out there competing for your hard earned cash – and therefore in order to successfully fund this initiative, we want to offer you something in return.

iScot are offering Readers once more the chance to own a Limited Edition (version A2) Custom made Leather Scottish Passport Holder.  This wallet emboss has been designed by iScot and is therefore not available to buy in stores or on-line.   The wallet is delivered in a presentation gift box similar to the above image and will be shipping from the end of October.  By buying a subscription or just buying a wallet is a donation in itself.   By electing not to use IndieGoGo crowdfunding website, we are using the commission saved as a contribution towards funding the manufacture of the Scottish passport holders.


IF YOU BUY or RENEW an ANNUAL UK PRINT SUBSCRIPTION  (12 x £5.99 UK delivered)  you will receive One FREE Scottish Passport Holder (Delivery appx : End July 2018) https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0000GT6D1QV3


Need additional wallets?  The Scottish Passport Holder can be pre-ordered for £ 35 to any UK address (incl P & P)      https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0001AR8K0SXR

PayPal  payment  (please see payment link below)  Bank Payments can be made via GoCardless (please see payment link below)  Credit Card payments over the telephone – Please email    ken@iscot.scot  with your phone number and the most convenient time for us to call you.

 Direct Bank Transfer can be made here but you need to email ken@iscot.scot your contact details so we know who you are!

  Sort Code  09-01-28    Account Nr  66 15 45 73


Prefer to pay monthly for annual subscription but still qualify for a Passport Holder?

https://pay.gocardless.com/AL0001M3H6J82K  ( £ 6.99 x 12 monthly payments )


Lastly, if you just want to make a donation (we love you!) you can do so by contributing a specific amount via PayPal by adding the donation amount at the end of this link.  For example, just type  www.paypal.me/iScot/25  in your address bar to donate £25  ( …/15 for £15   … /10 for £10  etc).   Our funding progress will be displayed on our iScot thermometer  as a regular updates on twitter!   To all our supporters past and present – we could not be here today without you – and for that we are eternally grateful. Thank You.


FREE with new Annual Magazine Print Subscription

(Subscription+ offer: 12 x iScot Magazine + 1 x Scotland Passport Holder (passport holder delivery End July)

UK address only £71.88 (one-off payment)

Purchase Annual Sub+ via PAYPAL Purchase Annual Sub+ via Direct Debit


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