Apocalypse Now

By Fiona Nicholson, Science writer

A BITTER BATTLE between environmental experts and the rich and powerful agri-chemical giants is brewing once more over the fate of our bees.
It is a David and Goliath encounter which will become even fiercer the closer we move towards the end of a ban on nerve agent-style pesticides known as Neonicotinoids, (neonics).
And Scotland is right at the heart of it.


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From August 2015 Edition

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The Lost Tribe of Keir Hardie

By Terry Houston

THERE is a high chance that many of the Scottish Labour and Lib Dem Westminster MPs who recently got their jotters will stand in the Holyrood election next year – a lot of them as list candidates.

It is a moot point as to how successful they will be. In particular, Labour’s lost boys and girls in Never, never land appear to have the tougher task in fighting extinction; though I would proffer a fiver to the bookie who sends a taxi for me if he hears I’m in gambling mood, that the Liberal Democrats are in Queer Street, too.

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From July 2015 Edition

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What have they done to their VOW Maw?

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Conspiracy Theorist?

THIRTY years after he died in mysterious circumstances nationalist firebrand Willie MacRae continues to cause controversy.
In April 1985 the SNP politician and anti-nuclear campaigner was found dying in his car on a lonely highland road with a single gunshot wound to the head.
Officially the death was recorded as suicide but it was believed by many at the time, and even more now, that it was murder.

From May 2015 Edition

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Letter from America

Time for a New Constitution

WHEN I tell my fellow Americans that people in the UK are taught that a constitution is a set of nebulous undefined principals rather than a written legal document the responses I get range from disbelief and confusion to raucous laughter.
After all, our laws are built on the English, Scottish, and French legal systems. We’re taught about English Common Law and the Magna Carta in school.

From May 2015 Edition

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A Better Life is possible

Will McLeod view on police shootings in the US

A Better World is Possible

Auld Alliances Renewed

FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond asked to be given the post of Westminster foreign affairs spokesperson, according to SNP sources.
Insiders have told iScot that the request was made last year in the wake of the Referendum defeat, following his resignation as party leader to make way for Nicola Sturgeon.
The party has long recognised Europe and the UK’s “in out” referendum is the major political issue facing David Cameron in his second term as Prime Minister.

From June 2015 Edition

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Vaccine protection

Long Life Vaccine Revolution

AN EDINBURGH-based scientist turned entrepreneur has developed a revolutionary way to make all vaccines around the world ‘long life.’
The breakthrough is expected to save millions of lives globally.
Scientist Spyridon “Ross” Tsakas has found a new way to prolong the lifespan of drugs so that they can be stored without refrigeration for years, instead of days. They don’t lose any of their effectiveness or potency, either.

From July 2015 Edition

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