Nobody said it was easy

Thank you for clicking the link to this page and please read through to iScot Fundraiser Website pic - 1the very end; this is very important for us.

iScot Magazine is funded by subscription and further supported by crowdfunding,  benefactors, friends and family who all share our positive vision of Scotland. We think that the MSM fails Scotland; we could either moan about it Calimero style or take positive action – we chose the latter.

We are not big business and have no political affiliation to any party or group. We are people o independent mind and are extremely passionate about Scotland.

We believe that contrary to British Nationalist spin, Scotland is big enough, rich enough and smart enough to compete with the best, and reject the narrative that we are somehow uniquely incapable of running our own affairs.

There’s a lot going on in Scotland today and we have a lot to be proud of.   We’re also proud of our publication.  We are blessed with having the support of the very best writers in Scotland today and we endeavour to complement their work with the highest production values we can muster. We want to be the best we can be.

The Scottish print business is going through a very tough time as more people opt for digital content, yet we believe that there will always be a market for quality publications, and we also believe that there is an audience for an intelligent, high quality, independent, pro-Scottish publication like iScot. However we are not immune to the commercial challenges of the publishing industry. We’ve thrown our heart and soul into this publication, we’ve invested our redundancy and pension money to bring to fruition an idea that we believed could make a difference – we still do.

Today, we are reaching out to like minded individuals to help keep that spirit of independence alive by investing in and supporting our work.  Our production costs are considerable and growing.

We failed to reach our indiegogo target in January and that shortfall is now impacting on our operational performance in spite of our best efforts to ‘do more with less’.

We are therefore looking to find a minimum of £ 20,000 to carry us through the next few months.  If we are unable to attract a sufficient level of support we’ll have no other option than to cease printing.

Please don’t let that be the case.


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