We’ve reached our 39th issue and boy look how far we’ve come.

It’s well known that most new magazines rarely survive beyond their 3rd issue as the publishing business is extremely competitive, particularly in a dwindling print market that’s fighting a war of attrition with digital technology.  10+ years ago 80 percent of news content was consumed in print format with the remainder being digitally accessed. Today that figure is reversed.
We believe that there will always be a demand for quality print publications and we are committed to providing just that. However we depend upon a sustainable business model that allows our grass roots initiative to survive in this challenging industry.
As part of our continuous improvement programme we regularly review our distribution and sales channels to ensure that we can offer a premium product at a fair and reasonable price.
Through that monitoring process, we’ve established that despite our best collaborative efforts, our retail sales channel does not offer us value for money compared to our subscription or digital sales.  Last year we decided we would only supply the print version of iScot Magazine via subscription or approved distributors.

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About iScot Magazine

iScot magazine is a new multi-media current affairs & lifestyle publication packed with news and quality features, photographs and video about Scotland crafted for a global audience.

iScot Magazine offers a fresh view of what’s happening today in one of the oldest nations in the world.

   Bold, informative, entertaining and pro-Scottish this is a quality magazine for Scots of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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