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YES is a team Game

JIM MATHER once said “the SNP is a team game. When you win, I win, we all win.” Looking at the road we have ahead of us, I’m minded of that more than ever. We’re in the middle of a remarkably fraternal Depute Leader campaign (with Tommy Sheppard and I regularly carpooling around the country) and so it seems time to talk about the Yes movement.

Life and the Meaning of BREXIT


IT’S NOW more than two months since most of the UK voted to leave the EU, and although we have a new Prime Minister whom no one voted for, who swears that Brexit means Brexit, no one is any closer to discovering what Brexit actually means.


On the 23rd of June 2016 Scotland voted to stay within the European Union (EU) by an almost two to one majority. But this was a UK-wide vote and, as a consequence, Scotland now faces the very real prospect of leaving the EU by the end of 2018.

EU’se it or lose it


by David McVey

I’m not a betting man, but I keep backing losers.
I voted Labour throughout the Thatcher/Major nightmare. I watch Scotland play at Hampden.

I voted ‘Yes’ in 2014. I voted ‘Remain’ in 2016.

Long before the EU Referendum, we’d booked a rail-based tour of European capitals. It started just a fortnight after Calamity Cameron’s vanity project had blown up in his face. What a time to visit our European neighbours, just after the UK electorate had handed them the mitten.


Mussolini’s Idiot Son

The Great Labolympics

Trust in Me!


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