A burning issue?


iScot’s Zoe Weir examines Up Helly Aa’s evolution

Shetlanders do not like being put in a box. Not by cartologists, who tend to squeeze the Northern Isles into a peerie1 square just off Scotland, when it is actually closer to Norway.  Not by historians, who still debate whether Vikings wiped out Shetland’s Pictish natives or assimilated them. Not by political pundits, for Shetland is a law unto itself; and never more so than during their annual fire festival, Up Helly Aa. This unique spectacle claims Viking connections, but in truth was forged in Victorian times; to this day it retains a “no-women” rule hotly debated by islanders.

Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) & iScot's Ken McDonald


Livestream interview with Wee Ginger Dug’s Paul Kavanagh and iScot’s Ken McDonald


Aye right!

Wee_Ginger_LogoBy Paul Kavanagh

It’s been an interested few weeks in the insanity that passes for politics in the Benighted Kingdom. Nicola Sturgeon stole Theresa May’s Brexit thunder by announcing that the Scottish government is going to press ahead with a bill enabling an independence referendum, and a couple of days later an enraged Theresa May responded by announcing that she’s not disposed to discuss granting a Section 30 Order. Get back into your shortbread tin, Scotland, was the very clear message from Westminster.

Now is not the time.

The ArranCard


VisitArran is delighted to announce that as a result of income generated from partners, the organisation has been able to lever some additional funding from Argyll & The Isles LEADER and NAC to support the development of the ‘ArranCard’ – a destination card that will be used in a variety of businesses island-wide.  The purpose is to improve the visitor experience although residents may also like to consider this as a gift option for friends, from Easter 2017.

How disasters look good on paper

The case of Hurricane Brexit, the storm hasn’t even hit yet. This is people buying metaphorical storm shutters, and battening down the hatches before the storm arrives.

EU’se it or lose it


by David McVey

I’m not a betting man, but I keep backing losers.
I voted Labour throughout the Thatcher/Major nightmare. I watch Scotland play at Hampden.

I voted ‘Yes’ in 2014. I voted ‘Remain’ in 2016.

Long before the EU Referendum, we’d booked a rail-based tour of European capitals. It started just a fortnight after Calamity Cameron’s vanity project had blown up in his face. What a time to visit our European neighbours, just after the UK electorate had handed them the mitten.


There are no strings on Me!!


True Meaning of Brexit

iScot Cartoons


Kick the Cat – a  collection of cartoons about simple observations on life’s perspectives

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