We’re celebrating our 45th issue on this, the anniversary month of IndyRef 2014

Moreover; It’ll be our 4th birthday in December 2018 and it’s been an absolute harem scarem roller coaster of a ride to get this far given we have a virtual office staff of 2. Our Sally, an excellent and ultra patient graphic artist, and our permanently bewildered Ken.     Add on the most brilliant growing team of freelancers and we’re winning awards – by public vote!

We want to do so much more, and the only way that’ll happen is if we can generate additional subscriptions at a much faster rate than we currently do by organic means and that’s where you, dear reader come in. Positive word of mouth is the best recommendation any product can have and we’d dearly love if you could mention us to family and colleagues.

iScot isn’t big business, we don’t have cash reserves that our newspaper colleagues do – we have to fight every step of the way just to keep going and we rely heavily on our support base and private angels to keep our lights on.

We have promotional plans that need funding – additional subscriptions and donations will be greatly appreciated to accelerate that process.

See what we’ve done -invest in our future.  Thank you

You can donate here  —–>  http://www.paypal.me/iscot



More info?   E-mail   Ken@iscot.scot

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iScot magazine is a new multi-media current affairs & lifestyle publication packed with news and quality features, photographs and video about Scotland crafted for a global audience.

iScot Magazine offers a fresh view of what’s happening today in one of the oldest nations in the world.

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