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We’ve passed our 30th issue and boy look how far we’ve come.

Ken McDonald Managing Editor

It’s well known that most new magazines rarely survive beyond their 3rd issue as the publishing business is extremely competitive, particularly in a dwindling print market that’s fighting a war of attrition with digital technology.  10+ years ago 80 percent of news content was consumed in print format with the remainder being digitally accessed. Today that figure is reversed.
We believe that there will always be a demand for quality print publications and we are committed to providing just that. However we depend upon a sustainable business model that allows our grass roots initiative to survive in this challenging industry.
As part of our continuous improvement programme we regularly review our distribution and sales channels to ensure that we can offer a premium product at a fair and reasonable price.
Through that monitoring process, we’ve established that despite our best collaborative efforts, our retail sales channel does not offer us value for money compared to our subscription or digital.  We have decided therefore that from 01st June we will only supply the print version of iScot Magazine via subscription or approved distributors.
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‘Scotland is your home, and your contribution is valued’

By Alyn Smith MEP

EMPATHY FATIGUE’ sounds like the kind of malaise that sits alongside Gauloises and Garbo, a dated phrase from another time. Not something you would associate with a vibrant, modern society, one more globally interconnected every day.

But Brexit stirred the pot and brought all kinds of muck to the surface, including the notion that people are problems. People who have built their lives in this country – raised their children here, ran businesses, enriched our communities – are now being overlooked and made to feel unwelcome.

Look out... The Dug has EYES

Wee_Ginger_LogoBy Paul Kavanagh

We’re just a few weeks in, and already the Brexit process is going as well as a teenage camping trip in a slasher movie. We’re at that bit in the movie where the spurned former lover has laid traps and cut off the line of escape and is sharpening his machete while Theresa and her gang of bullies are still taunting the Scottish kid, blithely unaware of the terrible fate that awaits them. They’re still arrogantly confident that they’re the biggest and baddest kids in the woods, little realising that they’re messing with people far bigger than they are. People who are looking at them through the undergrowth and who have anticipated every move they’re going to make.

Nae North British... HERE!


I’M A BIGOT. I thought I should get that out there. I’m bigoted against Tories, and apparently that makes me a bad person who doesn’t want a Scotland that’s diverse and tolerant.  Substitute what you say about Tories with gay, or English, or women, or disabled and you’ll see how bigoted you are, I was told by a person who really needs to go and look up the meaning of the term “category error”.  The decision to vote Tory is not remotely comparable to being a member of a group whose membership you did not actively solicit.  I’m bigoted against Tories, and wear it on my sleeve.

By Paul Kavanagh

Talk tae yer Granny

A TACTIC used by the Democrats in 2008 to take Florida from the Republicans could help the Independence Campaign win.

Florida is a strange place. It’s a state of religious and political fanatics. The politics include actual Nazis, and the religions include your regular spread of Judeo-Christian, Islamic, and Global religions, but also American peculiarities like (American) football, firearms, and Nascar.

Current estimates put the population at 25 million, from all over the world.

The ArranCard


VisitArran is delighted to announce that as a result of income generated from partners, the organisation has been able to lever some additional funding from Argyll & The Isles LEADER and NAC to support the development of the ‘ArranCard’ – a destination card that will be used in a variety of businesses island-wide.  The purpose is to improve the visitor experience although residents may also like to consider this as a gift option for friends, from Easter 2017.


There are no strings on Me!!


Trust in Me

iScot Cartoons


Kick the Cat – a  collection of cartoons about simple observations on life’s perspectives

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